Emotionally Unhinged:  A Poetic Expression of Sorts

Released in 2008, "Emotionally Unhinged:  A Poetic Expression of Sorts" is the first published book of Que D. Jacobs.  This book is a compilation of poems.  They were written during a time when Que was going through her own personal storm.  This compilation of these poems are an expression of pain, hurt, disappointment, strength, courage, love, and survival.  These poems are a reflection of when life throws you lemons, you make some lemonade and then put up a stand and turn a profit.  There is a poetic expression for everyone, no matter what their place or status in life is.  Something in this book is guaranteed to touch them.

Here is an excerpt from her book:

Some Nerve

He called to just check in to determine what was going on

She had called is phone a thousand times… frantic and insane

She wouldn’t leave any messages that made any sense

So when he finally got a chance, he called her back

She was livid, yelling and screaming

Even had the audacity to curse him a couple of times

He held the phone and let her go through her tirade

Then without any notification he just hung up in her face

He waited because he knew she would redial

But he wouldn’t answer right away

He’d make her wait for her embarrassing antics

He wouldn’t answer her till he thought she was calm and rational

She called back another five hundred times

He waited until the five hundred first time before he answered

He cut her off before she even got started because he wasn’t in the mood

He let her know up front that he wasn’t even having her drama

She explained the scenario about finding out about some girl

He listened to her ranting until she finished her story

When she was done he simply asked her… “Are you done?”

She responded sarcastically and then gave her just three words...


And with that he dismissed her without so much as an explanation

She was stunned and yet heartbroken

She had not planned on the situation panning out the way it did

She was devastated and hurt and couldn’t believe the reality of it all

In her heart she knew she was wrong for behaving the way she had

He had warned her over and over again

That her girlfriends were going to be the demise of their relationship

His exact words were…  “Those bitter bitches are going to be the ruin of us.”

His words were now echoing in her head and she knew that he was serious

He’d warned her from the beginning and she’d continued to allow them to offer up unsolicited advice

She’d shared almost all the intimaies of their business with them

Now she was about to spend some time alone and that was not what she had in mind

As she sat in silence trying to gather her thoughts, the phone rang

She was astounded when on the other end; it was one of those bitter bitches

She was performing her usual inquisition, trying to get all the dirt

While she listened to this trick, she could hear her man’s warning echoing in her head

“They’ll be the demise of us” and with those words

She reciprocated her man’s actions with… “You got SOME NERVE!”

Then she disconnected the call with not so much as a Good-bye

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